Youth Trainers Academy (YTA)

Training Course

18-27 November 2023 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Probably one of the strongest Train The Trainer experiences in Europe is inviting again to grow together and become a strong and impactful Trainer. Its a mind blowing week. Re-invented again, updated, better, unexpected. Even more…

# Do forward to members within and friends outside your NGO if you find it relevant
# DL to apply 10th October 2021 23:00 CEST (special prolonged deadline for applicants through Salto Youth)
# Dates:  18th of November – 27th November
# Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
# Send motivation letter to: yta@zerogeneration.org

After a very crowded late summer, here is our open call!

The 21st century brought an education concept to maturation: learner-centred education which focuses on 3 key aspects about the learner:
– First, each learner is seen as being unique in meaningful ways;
– Second, each learner is seen as having unbounded potential that will unfold at its own pace and in its own way;
– And, finally, each learner is seen as having an innate desire to learn.

Coupled with technological advances, this innovation makes learner-centred learning possible on an unprecedented scale. At the same time, these advances create new demands that make this fresher approach increasingly necessary, as we all witnessed throughout the Covid acute crisis.

We are convinced that educators, trainers, learning designers can play a key role to support the development of more skillful professionals and more accomplished persons.

As a Train-The-Trainer learning program, Youth Trainers Academy is a unique opportunity to develop yourself along like-minded fellow trainers’, from various backgrounds, and connected with communities from several organisations.

 Would you like to learn the craft which will engage your participants in sustainable personal growth?
 Would you want to become a Learning Designer, an Educator, a Trainer(*)?
 What if this call was the opportunity you were looking for?

Keep on reading and let’s find out!

=== Who can apply? ===

Any person involved in a learning oriented position, initiatives, projects, organisation, corporation with “youth“ as main or regular public and for which transferring knowledge, experiences and best practices are key factors for individuals’ and/or organisational development.

For many, becoming a trainer is a call, a wish to give back and/or a path towards self development. You can have a look at some elements about what it takes to be a trainer, that will illustrate some of the elements expected from you.

As you noticed, it requires a lot of dedication and next to the elements mentioned in the article above, we are expecting applicants who will demonstrate being:
– positive
– open-minded
– flexible
– hard workers
– responsible
– patient
– supportive
– team players

At Zero Generation, we tend to believe that what one gives is almost as important as what they can get from our events. If you think and feel that this event can benefit you, then keep on reading because this call is to host 30 participants.

Side note: In case you need a VISA to reach Vilnius, Lithuania, please be proactive with the information we need to have to issue an invitation.

=== Other Questions? ===

We find it important for you to get acquainted to YTA Code Of Conduct we created for all parties directly involved in the YTA program. It aims to formulate the parameters of behaviour:

to be in accordance with the principles and values of the program;

to create a comfortable and safe learning environment, and atmosphere for all participants of every cultural background;

to achieve the best outcomes for the learning experience.

Still here… If you have questions about submitting your application or just a chat about how it’s like to be a trainer, reach out to the people responsible for YTA aka Milda Latakaite (milda@zerogeneration.org) & Herve Tunga (herve@zerogeneration.org).

We highly recommend you to take the needed time to read all the materials, ask questions or clarifications and start preparing your application ASAP.

The choice is yours to make… Are you joining?

(*) Even if your NGO may be a YTA partner, you may be requested extra credentials to be recognised as Trainer in some of them. Contact your NGO Training Coordination for details.
(**) You’ll be refunded in such case as Lithuania, or your country, restricts movement, not allowing you to attend the event.

More information at: SALTO