30 November – 3 December 2023 | Athens, Greece

RWS is a progressive learning programme that pushes the boundaries of thinking, abilities, and imagination. It aims to foster a global society that prioritises the well-being of both people and the planet.

About Roots Winter School

Held annually in Athens, Roots Winter School (RWS) is a three-day progressive learning programdesigned to cultivate hope, widen horizons, and catalyze action. RWS aims to push the boundaries of participants’ thinking, abilities, and imagination in order to foster a global society committed to the well-being of both people and the planet. The program integrates critical theory with real-world experiences through a multifaceted methodology. Our curriculum blends expert lectures, interactive workshops, and experiential learning sessions. To add depth to discussions and provide a well-rounded understanding of our yearly themes, we feature a diverse lineup of speakers, including leading academics, seasoned activists, and professionals. Alongside this, one of our key objectives is to amplify the program’s collective educational impact through encouraging mutual learning among attendees.

This Year’s Topic: Unseen Wounds – Uncovering the Layers of Violence

In 2023, we embark on an in-depth exploration to unravel the complex manifestations of violence that are intricately woven into our daily lives. Our focus encompasses a broad range of concerns—from structural and cultural facets to economic dimensions—all while maintaining a heightened sensitivity to ecological imperatives. We are especially keen on probing into the nuanced aspects and gray areas of violence expanding our collective awareness of this all-encompassing issue.

Program Highlights

– Day 1: Understand the various forms of violence that exist today.

– Day 2: Learn effective approaches to address these violent phenomena.

– Day 3: Envision and commit to a post-violent, care-based society.

Fees and Financial Aid

The participation fee is set at €30 per person. Scholarships of travel expenses are available to ensure inclusivity.

Who can participate

If you’re keen on transformative learning and wish to be part of a dynamic community aiming to foster societal change, Roots Winter School is for you.

The Winter School welcomes participants who:

Are over 18 years old.

Have proficiency in English.

Able to be in Athens for the entire duration of the program.

Have a solid foundation or interest in contemporary political, social, and cultural issues.

Experience in activism, civic engagement, or youth work is a plus.

How to Apply

Ready to challenge your perspectives and make lasting connections? Complete the application form below to secure your spot. Apply until October 2, 2023 and prepare to explore deeper dimensions of understanding and action.

We enthusiastically encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply!

For questions, please send an email to Amerissa at giannouli@interaliaproject.com

Apply here: https://interaliaproject.com/participation/roots-winter-school-2023-unseen-wounds-uncovering-the-layers-of-violence-call-for-applications/

More information at: SALTO