Partnership Building Activity (PBA) “Building synergies for sustainable local democracies”

Partnership-building Activity

11-16 December 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal

The (PBA) aims to create a space for developing cooperation projects on the topic of youth participation in decision-making at the local level. It will be organised within DYPALL Network’s Winter Democracy Academy.

The PBA will serve as a platform for networking and getting to know other European organisations working in the area of youth participation in decision-making processes at the local level to develop projects that can promote and enhance the participation of young people in designing local policies and reflect on the state of democracy and its significance for young people

The PBA will take place within Winter Democracy Academy (WDA) organized by DYPALL Network and the Lisbon Youth Center, where parallel but complementary activities will be happening in the same venue, advocating for youth participation and providing space for decision-makers and young people to discuss, cooperate, and engage in dialogue between different actors that are fundamental for building a more egalitarian, fair Europe, where human rights, democracy, and intercultural learning and their underlying values are a reality for each European citizen.

Available downloads: SALTO_PBA_Call for participants_PBA_WDA.pdf

More information at: SALTO