Partnership-building Activity on Inclusive Youth Exchanges for Minors

27 November – 1 December 2023 | Galbiate, Italy

Join a network of organisations working for the effective inclusion of minors and of young people facing fewer opportunities in Youth Exchanges funded by Erasmus+. We are creating common quality standards and developing mutual cooperation.

This PBA on Inclusive Youth Exchanges for Minors, aims at creating a network of organizations active at a European level, that will work to improve the involvement of minors and the inclusion of young people facing fewer opportunities and/or highly vulnerable young people in Youth Exchanges. (HERE the definition of “Highly vulnerable young person”, developed by our network during the 2022 PBA)

It is developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ Accreditation of Associazione Joint, that is ending its first year of activity, whose focus is on inclusion and empowerment of young people.

In particular, the network will commit to:

Create mutual partnerships on Youth Exchanges thought to be accessible to minors and/or to participants facing fewer opportunities (or highly vulnerable young people);

Create common procedures for inclusion in Youth Exchanges, by sharing good practices;  

Improve the preparation of youth workers and youth leaders, so that they will be able to support participants with fewer opportunities during the mobility activities.

Each organization will involve 1 member of the staff with a key role in the organization, who, besides the meeting in Italy on November 27 – December 1, will be also involved in 2 online preparatory meetings, that will take place between November 2 and November 17,  and 1 online follow-up meeting that will take place in December.

Available downloads: INFOPACK – PBA on Inclusive Youth Exchanges for Minors.pdf

More information at: SALTO