Training Course: Nature Knows No Boundaries. Volunteering in Europe’s National Parks and Protected Areas

29 November – 2 December 2023 | Konstancin near Warsaw, Poland

How the National Parks within Europe can benefit from the European Solidarity Corps programme funds? Get inspired and find your answers to this question and more…Be part of and enjoy the inspiring, youthful, international vibe of the ESC community!

Would you like to attract more young people to join your activities and support those you are already working with?

Would you like to have full-time volunteers to help with your activities, individually or in groups, long-term or short-term? 

Would you like to carry out activities supporting the local community? Would you like to build international connections? 

What about having all this, funded by the EU?

Come and discover what the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Programme can offer for national parks and natural protected areas in Europe!

The European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre, the German and Polish National Agencies of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes invite you for the training course:

Nature Knows No Boundaries. Volunteering in Europe’s National Parks and Protected Areas

This training is for:

  • Representatives and staff of National parks & protected areas
  • Coordinators of volunteering activities in National parks & protected areas

Aims of the training:

CREATE a frame for sharing experience in the field of volunteering and local activities in National Parks and protected areas

MOTIVATE and INSPIRE participating organisations to join the European Solidarity Corps

EXPLORE existing volunteering projects implemented on a local / national level and the possibilities to transfer these  to ESC projects and activities in an international level

DEVELOP project ideas for cross-border volunteering and local solidarity activities

SUPPORT networking between participating organisations and encourage them to establish trans-national activities in the framework of the ESC programme


The training course lasts for 2 full working days + arrival day and departure day. It is a learning-by-doing experience, built on interactive exercises, activities to improve the group dynamics, info sessions, small group and plenary discussions, a guest visit and an interactive evaluation at the end. The training course takes place in English, therefore a minimum level of B2 is required.


Dagna Gmitrowicz (PL)

Gabriella Nagy  (HU)

This training is realised in the framework of the ESC RC long-term training project „Solidarity_Opening the door to new volunteering fields”.

“Opening the door to new volunteering fields” aims to bring together experienced and new organisations who wish to become part of the ESC community and are interested in new fields of volunteering – ready to explore new volunteering areas and co-create relevant opportunities through an inspiring process.

Available downloads: Info_invitation.pdf

More information at: SALTO