E-learning: Teaching about Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Change in Troubled Times

24 May – 7 June 2022 | online, United Kingdom

Our session will teach about conflict resolution. It is ideal for the current global situation. We will be offering free resources for learners 8-14 on RSHE, Citizenship, History and English.

Global Learning London will be delivering two free sessions on Tuesday 24 May or Tuesday 7 June 4:00pm – 5:30pm (UK time).

The focus of these sessions will be the question ‘How do we all live together well?’ and Peace Education.

The sessions are designed to help youth workers in non-formal settings support youth to analyze, plan and take action as responsible global citizens.

Our trainers will be sharing lots of ideas and resources, specially aimed at supporting youth workers and young people who have questions and concerns about the war in Ukraine.

Includes inspiring case study examples from around the globe of successful non-violent action for change.

Please book your tickets here: bit.ly/GLLConflictResolution

More information at: SALTO