Training Course: Unlocking the Future – GenAI for Youth Organisations

20 November 2023 | Online, United Kingdom

Human-centred online training about how generative artificial intelligence can support youth organisations in their work.

Unlocking the Future: GenAI for Youth Organisations

The world is changing quickly. Youth organisations face more challenges than ever before. From funding to mental health, your organisation plays an important role in the development of young people everywhere. To take on these challenges and open up new possibilities, we’re excited to introduce our GenAI Training for Youth Organisations.

Why you should attend:

Generative Artificial intelligence (GenAI) can help address the complicated issues youth groups deal with. GenAI offers innovative solutions to empower your group’s mission to support and nurture the next generation. From websites to meeting notes, grant applications or social media posts, ChatGPT and similar GenAI programs can help you get work done faster and reach goals better. But learning this new way of working can be tricky. We’re proud of our people-focused training approach that teaches processes before technology. We want to share this skill with you.

What you will learn:

⏱️ Increase efficiency and automation: Discover how AI can be your helpful partner in automating repetitive tasks, managing resources better, and freeing up your time for what truly matters – empowering the youth you serve.

Text-writing: Unleash the power of GenAI-generated content! Learn how to craft compelling and personalised texts that connect with your audience, whether you’re updating your website or social media, writing policy or grant applications. AI can improve and speed up your process.

Image creation: From eye-catching promo materials to engaging educational content, you’ll see how AI can turn your ideas into striking images.

Data-analysis: Say goodbye to manual data crunching. Embrace AI’s ability to swiftly analyse data and gain insightful perspectives to improve your programs and decision-making.

Fun and games: Here’s the exciting part! Get ready to play games and have fun while exploring the wonders of GenAI. It’s not just about learning; it’s about enjoying the journey together.

This training is designed to make GenAI accessible and fun while showing its real impact on your work. You’ll leave with practical skills and deeper knowledge of how AI can transform the way you work.

How to join

Register here to join the online training on Monday 20th November, 1.00 – 4.30 pm CET

About ChatGPT Trainings

We’re a young training company passionate about sharing the potential of Generative AI. We’ve successfully helped teams worldwide transition into using AI. Because we’ve learned a lot from various youth organisations, we want to give back to the community.  More information about our company, our mission to give back and our training offer can be found on our website.

Join us to unlock the transformative potential of AI for your organisation. Make technology work for you, not the other way around! 

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