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Job Announcement for Resident Twinning Advisor Assistant

 06.09.2023  New opportunity


Job Announcement for Resident Twinning Advisor Assistant

European Union Twinning Project BA 20 IPA FI 01 23

“Strengthening capacities of Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH” / TW147

A Resident twinning adviser’s Assistant is sought for an EU Twinning Project entitled “Strengthening capacities of Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH – BA 20 IPA FI 01 23”.

The project is implemented by The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency, Eutalia Srl, the Italian Revenue Agency, the Lithuanian Customs and the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH (ITA).

Position: full-time RTA assistant

Duration: up to 24 months

Starting Date for Employment (Indicative): October 2023

Place of Employment: Banja Luka – BiH


Compulsory requirements:

  • Successfully accomplished higher education, preferably in fields related to the Twinning Project;
  • Experienced Personal Assistant/Office Manager with accomplished personnel and administration skills;
  • Mother tongue: official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Excellent spoken and written command of English;
  • Experience in project implementation and management, preferably in an international office or in the public administration sector.
  • Proven organisational, administrative and management skills with the ability to identify priorities, apply initiative and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances;
  • Proficient drafting / report writing (English) and analytical skills, acquired through studies or professional experience;
  • Advanced computer skills, including a first-class command of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook;
  • Ability to meet set deadlines and work in demanding situations with a willingness for hard work and to be flexible, as part of an international result-oriented team;
  • Maturity of judgment and a problem-solving approach with the ability to work alone or with minimal supervision;
  • Record of reliability and adaptability under pressure;
  • Availability to travel in the country and abroad                                                                                                          

Optional requirements:

  • Knowledge of Italian (spoken and written);
  • Previous experience in the same position;
  • Knowledge of issues related to Twinning Project (Twinning Manual 2022);
  1. TASKS
  • Supporting the RTA and other project experts in their day-to-day activities as Project Assistant;
  • Providing management assistance (including standard office/secretarial activities);
  • Providing support to RTA and other Twinning Experts, in terms of project assistance, interpretation and translation, as required; 
  • Supporting the RTA in implementing and applying Project administrative policies and procedures;   
  • Assisting the RTA in managing Project operational activities and security issues;
  • Coordinating administrative activities with RTA and serving as focal point on all local administrative policies and procedures;
  • Preparing and ensuring the accurate and timely processing of all administrative related documentation and maintaining all required accounting records;
  • Scheduling and organizing meetings for RTA and and/or other experts at all levels;
  • Assisting the RTA in communications, liaison and general working relations with the Beneficiary Country public offices and institutions, relevant to Project activities;
  • Assisting in the organization of Twinning Official Functions, Conferences, Trainings, Seminars, Workshops, Study Tours and in all related administrative tasks;
  • Making all travel arrangements, ticket booking, reservations, scheduling airport pickup and transportation needs for arrivals and departures of Project Experts, as required;
  • Accompanying the RTA or other project experts to meetings, workshops and seminars and also on missions and field visits throughout BiH, Italy and Lithuania, as required;
  • Supporting the RTA in the drafting of studies and documents in areas covered by the Twinning (i.e. information collection, monitoring of activities etc.)
  • Assisting the RTA in drafting the minutes of the Steering Committee Meetings and other Project meetings and editing any other material related to the Project in Bosnian and English;
  • Providing general support for RTA and/or other experts with BC partners and/or authorities, with particular reference to the assistance and management of mission reports and other documents provided by them;
  • Reviewing, translating and editing text relevant to the project (newsletters, press releases, PowerPoint presentations and documents) in English and official languages of BiH;
  • Providing assistance to the RTA in liaising with Eutalia Financial and Project Managers on all matters relating to administration and policy of Project;
  • Maintaining Project records and sensitive files in direct and close cooperation with the RTA;
  • Preparing, reviewing, posting of financial, personnel and/or related documents and their dispatch to the MS partners;
  • Maintaining the stationary supplies and inventories;
  • Handling public relations matters including organizing any Press Conferences – liaison for all media related activities;
  • Maintaining a high level of ethical behaviour and acting in a non-discriminatory manner at all times;
  • Respecting, actively supporting and, where appropriate, contributing to the overall aims and objectives of the Project;
  • Following the Project policy on: behaviour, appearance, health, safety, security, payment regimes, and use of Project equipment etc;
  • Maintaining confidentiality in all matters relating to the work of the Project.

How to apply

CV (Europass format), cover/motivation letter in the English language and copy of the Passport will be sent to the following e-mail addresses with object “TW0147-RTA-A


15 September 2023 Time: 18:00 local time

Should the CV’s arrive beyond the above-mentioned deadline, they will be not taken into consideration.

Only shortlisted candidates will be informed and invited to an interview (October 2023).


He/she will be contracted by the Member State Mandated Body Eutalia Srl.

Applicants shall not have been involved neither in the selection process nor in the drafting of the Contract

The RTA assistants may not have or recently (past 6 months) have had any contractual relation with the beneficiary administration that is the Public Administration of the Beneficiary Country.

The assistant will sign a full-time service contract and must have a status of self-employed. It will be his/her sole responsibility to comply with all legal requirements for self-employment as well as to cover all related taxes and charges.

By submitting the application, the candidate declares to know the content of the Art. 13-14 of the EU Regulation UE 2016/679 (GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION – GDPR) regulating the treatment of the personal data and authorizes Studiare Sviluppo Srl to process his personal data for the exclusive use mentioned in the Decree.

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