GOMARDULI ADVENTURE EDUCATION. Methodological and networking seminar.


2-7 October 2023 | Gomarduli village, Adjara region, Georgia

The seminar is a space to discuss adventure education as approach within the non-formal learning, to share methods of adventure, outdoor and experiential learning as well as to network for European Solidarity Corps projects.


The seminar will have an open format of community of practice laboratory, where participants are invited to co-own the space and the learning process. Everyone will have a chance to share their approaches and methodology in Adventure, Experiential and Outdoor Education. The whole experience will be enhanced by networking and partnership building to allow new youth project ideas to emerge. Throughout the process participants will also be able to learn and experience the intercultural reality of the upper Adjara region of western Georgia.

This activity is built on the study on the role of emotions in learning process, practiced through a series of six partnership building activities in European Voluntary Service (2012-2017) as well as 2021 methodological seminar in Ukrainian Carpathians, of similar concept.

More about the Adventure Education and our experiences: www.salto-youth.net/AdventureEducation


All the participants will be the team, but some participants will be invited to facilitate particular sessions during the process. The event is planned for about 24-28 persons, representing all different stakeholders of European Solidarity Corps (trainers, mentors, coordinators, NAs officers, etc.)

Participants profile:

  • interest in Adventure Education as well as desire to share approaches and methods;
  • being involved in any way in European Solidarity Corps programme;
  • having a working knowledge of English, the working language of the activity;
  • available to actively attend the full duration of the activity;
  • open for surprising learning situations;

IMPORTANT: Please remember that this seminar is based on Adventure Education. The seminar will require full participation from mornings till evenings. There is no traditional division of 90 min. sessions, but naturally there are breaks during the process.

We will be a lot outdoors (if the weather will be safe for it), so there will be no possibility to do any other kind of work and time to open your computer will be very limited. Please be open for unexpected and surprise: we are going to be out of standard hotel seminar rooms, and such context can sometimes heavily influence the process (positively and negatively). The only way to manage is to be open, learn from any experience and support each other in the group.

The space we will be accommodated is serving only vegetarian meals, but if you need meat, there will be some available in the evening bar and/or you can bring anything you need with you.

Available downloads: info pack.pdf

More information at: SALTO