ID Talks Shaping Inclusion and Diversity

E-learning / 23 February – 20 April 2022 | Online (Zoom) , Belgium – FL

ID Talks is a series of 5 stand-alone online events (workshops) of up to 90 minutes each, with inspiring guest speakers, thought-provoking insights, discussion in small groups and Q&A sessions.

Shaping Inclusion and Diversity – how to implement youth projects that are more inclusive, diverse and reflect the ID Strategy?

A year into the new cycle of EU Youth Programmes and the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Inclusion and Diversity Strategy in place, SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Resources Centre offers a series of ID Talks under the motto “Shaping Inclusion and Diversity” to support organisations in implementing youth projects that are more inclusive, diverse and reflect the ID Strategy.

“ID Talks” is a series of 5 online workshops on 5 major topics in the promotion of Inclusion & Diversity (ID) and quality youth work. It features youth workers, professionals and volunteers, from all over the world to share insights, research findings, food for thought, good practices or inspirational stories. They will guide participants through the pressing matters and challenges affecting Inclusion & Diversity and inspire them to make their programmes and organisations more inclusive, embrace human differences, look ahead and picture how the future of youth work and Inclusion & Diversity might be.

Each workshop begins with the input from a guest speaker. After, participants have the opportunity to engage in the discussion, ask questions, and share about their own realities and experiences.


Every other Wednesday, at 1 PM CET, from 23 February until 20 April. Check the FB event here!

23 February (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Strategy: Following on from the European Commission’s ‘Inclusion and Diversity Strategy’, the new ‘I&D Road Map’ details the road we need to travel together to make inclusion & diversity easier and better in the Erasmus+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps. Which milestones can you reach? What tools help you get there? And how to develop an Inclusion and Diversity strategy for your organisation? Guest speaker: Susie Nicodemi, UK & Tony Geudens, SALTO ID

09 March (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Outreach: Even projects that “tick the inclusion boxes” often fail to reach to most vulnerable young people. What keeps young people with fewer opportunities from participating in European projects? Who is already on board then? And who is left behind? Why and how can you reach out to organisations doing inclusive work locally and connect them to the EU level? What are the obstacles and what is the way forward? Guest speaker: Andreas Rosellen, Germany

23 March (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Language: The main function of language is to make communication simpler. But is the language we use (in international youth work, in the related programme documents and application forms) reducing or increasing barriers for participation? Is it inviting or discouraging? How do we communicate about our work at local and international level to appeal and attract diverse groups of young people? Guest speaker: Petra Plicka, Austria

06 April (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Local: One size does not fit all. What new, open, easy and inclusive projects and initiatives could be more suitable for young people with fewer opportunities? Why is it important to propose EU-funded local project formats and how do they compare with international mobility projects for young people? Guest speakers: Ieva Kaupaiteė & Karolina Lipnickienė, Lithuania

20 April (1 PM CET) > ID Talks Visibility: Communicating about our work becomes increasingly important. How not to “fake” it for the sake of giving a better ID impression? What are the ethical dilemmas? Why and how to disseminate and exploit project results (DEOR), both to convey the relevant messages and to remain useful and appealing to the larger public? Guest speaker: Pavel Vassiljev, Estonia

For whom?

Youth workers, youth leaders, professionals, and volunteers involved in ID in the EU youth programmes, as well as all those interested in youth work and Inclusion & Diversity topics.

Main objectives:

  • To provide food for thought and learn from inspirational ID stories;
  • To provide an opportunity learn about ID topics from the youth work sector and beyond;
  • To get information, inspiration, methods to help the youth sector address ID;
  • To inform about and contribute to quality (international) youth work;
  • To identify and learn how to tackle existing and future challenges within ID;

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