Gender Training for Youth Workers: What’s Gender Got to Do with It?

E-learning / 27-28 October 2021 | This is an online training, Estonia

Gender is a contested topic in Europe. It’s also a timely topic amidst changing gender norms and more inclusive gender identities. These oppositions and opportunities make gender issues key in the field of youth. This training on gender issues is online.

The aim of this online training course is to provide a basic understanding about contemporary gender issues, as well as provide clear links in between gender equality, human rights education and youth work. Also, the training aims to provide useful tools and methods for youth workers to discuss gender issues with the youth. This online training is going to focus on gender stereotypes, gender equality, gender identities and hate speech.

The objectives of this online course:

to explore the personal attitudes towards gender-related issues among the participants
to analyse how stereotypes and prejudice shape the thinking of youth workers and the youth
to explore how youth work can address gender-related issues and thus provide meaningful spaces for young people
to introduce and exchange methods, good practices and resources for discussing gender issues with the youth
to introduce ways how safe spaces for the youth can be created
In the end of this online training, a learner …

will understand their values and opinions related to gender and will be able to help young people to analyse their values and opinions
will understand how methods of human rights education can be used to address gender issues
will explore different educational resources (e.g. Compass, Gender matter) and good practices for work with young people on gender issues
will notice when there is prejudice and hostility in youth groups regarding gender and will know how to respond
will know how to create safe spaces for the youth regardless of their gender or sexual identity

Agenda is as follows:

Wednesday, October 27 (all times given in Tallinn/Riga time)

10.00-11.30 Introduction and welcome. Getting to know each other. Gender stereotypes and prejudices – shaping our thinking

11.30-12.00 Break

12.00-13.30 Realities of participants’ countries. The role of youth work in addressing gender-related issues.

13.30-14.30 Break

14.30-16.00 Workshop with expert “Case of LGBTI youth: realities, needs and interventions of youth work”

Thursday, October 28

10.00-11.30 Human rights education methods, good practices and resources for addressing gender issues with the youth

11.30-12.00 Break

12.00-13.30 Human rights education methods, good practices and resources for discussing gender issues with the youth

13.30-14.30 Break

14.30-16.00 Creation of safe spaces in youth work for all young people. Reflection and conclusions.

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! One week prior to the training the participants will receive a self-analysis questionnaire that will help them prepare for the training. Also, this will provide the trainers with input from the participants to be able to provide training that fulfills the needs of the participants

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