Training Course: One 2 One – facilitating learning face to face

23-29 October 2023 | Lithuania

5-day training course focusing on the competences (of youth work practitioners) needed to work with young people individually when supporting their learning and development

We are happy to invite you to the 8th edition of this training course where we explore the power of the individual relationship in supporting the learning processes of young people.

The main aim of this course is to empower and equip youth workers (and other youth work practitioners) with competences needed to work in a one-2-one relationship with young people in order to support their learning and development processes.

At the end of the One 2 One learning process you will:

  • be aware of what “supporting learning” means in one-2-one relationships;
  • know how to support self-reflection and have more methods and approaches added to your toolbox.
  • have a greater understanding about mentoring, coaching and tutoring and which of these roles you take in your work with young people.
  • know how to support reflection of learning in your practice and understand Youthpass as a process;
  • become more aware about your competences as a youth worker.

The One 2 One learning process will consist of:

  • Individual pre-course online talks with one of the trainers 2-3 weeks before the course
  • Residential training course in Lithuania on 23-29 October 2023 (23rd is the arrival day with a welcome evening activity; and the 29th is the departure date)
  • Individual talk with one of the trainers during the residential training course
  • An online space for sharing and exchanging before, during and after the residential training course
  • Individual post-course online talks with one of the trainers 2-3 weeks after the course

For a more detailed presentation of the Training Course please check the attachment.

Available downloads: Call for one2one 8h edition Lithuania.pdf

More information at: SALTO