Training Course: Leadership, Empowerment & Facilitation for youth

1-6 June 2023 | Ivy Cyrene Sharm Hotel , Sharm Elshiekh, Egypt

This training course will gather 25 youth workers interested in developing their soft skills for 6 days in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

General Description Of The Camp:

– This Soft Skill Camp is an exciting opportunity for international students to enhance their personal and professional skills in a unique and culturally diverse setting. This seminar is designed to provide participants with a variety of educational and cultural experiences, including youth exchange, language training, cultural and social training, environmental rights and development work, and volunteering.

– The Camp will focus on developing essential soft skills, such as communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. Through a series of interactive workshops, group activities, and hands-on experiences, participants will learn practical techniques and strategies for achieving their personal and professional goals.

-Goals & Objectives of the Workshop:

Over the 5-day Workshop, the participants are expected to get used to the following objectives, being assessed according to the different assessment methodologies, which shall be discussed later within the proposal.

Goal 1: Design, Delivery, Evaluation, and Follow-up of a Training Session.

  • Participants identify and practice how to conduct a training needs assessment and strategically use training to address those needs
  • participants are able to design a learning experience that engages all kinds of learners.
  • Participants can illustrate the values of experiential learning and Kolb’s learning theory and apply session design according to Bloom’s taxonomy and 4MAT.

Goal 2: Soft Skills Development for effective training design and training delivery

  • Participants learn the basics of group dynamics
  • Participants learn and acquire basic theories and skills of communication
  • Participants are able to demonstrate and practice proper use of public speaking, non-verbal communication, and body language.

Goal 3: Youth and accountable trainer’s attitude development.

  • participants are able to define Non-Formal Education (NFE).
  • Participants are able to explain how NFE differs from Formal and Informal Education
  • Participants are able to conduct a session while accommodating multicultural diversities

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Timeline for the Camp through this LINK

Date: The Camp will take place from June 1st to June 6th in Egypt.

Place : Ivy Cyrene Sharm Hotel , Sharm El-Sheikh

Apply through this FORM

Deadline: Tuesday, the 19th of April at 23: 59pm GMT

Shall you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at anubisexchange@gmail.com

We look forward to receiving your applications and possibly seeing you in Egypt!

Warmest Hugs,

On behalf of ANUBIS Exchange Team

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