“How to be an antiracist” – Training Course

Training Course

4-9 September 2023 | Malta

TC on anti-racism will strengthen anti-racist and anti-discriminatory behaviours and practices among youth professionals. The training aims to influence the daily practice of the participants by allowing them to learn from and be inspired by each other.


The motto of the European Union is: ‘United in diversity’ and the Commission’s EU Anti-racism Action Plan for 2020-2025 aims to step up action against racism and achieve a Union of Equality. Research has shown that racism has wide-reaching negative effects on individuals, families, communities, and entire societies

Then why is the struggle for racial equality not over, and seems that it is just starting now in many places through important, big movements, like “Black Lives Matter”? What is (anti-)racism and how can YOUth work address it is important question that we want to tackle with this TC.

We want to create space for reflection and putting our own, social and organisational attitudes, powers and practices under the magnifying glass. Are our projects and structures really accessible and built on equality and fairness? How can we challenge ourselves and power systems in order to create the change and what role international programmes have in this? The training should allow professionals to question their own and each other’s way of working and look for the ways to improve and develop new practices. We will offer concrete tools, techniques and methods youth workers can use to address racism.

This training is part of the SALTO ID  “Embracing diversity” series! To address the topic of (cultural) diversity SALTO ID, in cooperation with several National Agencies, is planning till 2028 to focus on topics like anti-racism, interfaith dialog… and work on each for period of 2 years. Each thematic cycle includes: seminar, webinars, study visit(s), partnership building activity and training course.

Aim of the “Embracing diversity” series:

To develop youth workers ‘diversity management’ skills in order to create better opportunities for young people faced with or at risk of discrimination and racism.

Objectives of the training:

  • To gain better understanding of what is racism, its roots, mechanisms and effects
  • To reflect on our own biases, structural issues and organisational practices
  • To strengthen anti-racist and anti-discriminatory behaviours and practices among youth professionals
  • To exchange strategies, methods and resources for combating racism and discrimination.
  • To apply these tools and strategies to Erasmus+: Youth in Action & European Solidarity Corps projects.

Participants’ profile:

Max 25 professionals working directly with young people on a regular basis. This includes youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, coaches, social and health workers, employment officers…

  • Participants who work with young racialised people and/or migrant backgrounds will be given priority. 
  • Interested in developing their diversity management skills and anti-racist behaviours and practices  
  • Be motivated and have possibility to develop international project(s) addressing (anti)racism
  • Able to work in (international) English.
  • From E+: YiA Programme countries & partner countries

    ​​​​​​​We encourage the application of participants of all/any religious, ethnic, racialised backgrounds, of all genders and abilities. We will do our best to cover your individual and support needs.


Seminar is co-organised by SALTO Inclusion & Diversity and the Maltese National Agency for the E+ programme.

More info at: www.salto-youth.net/howtobeanantiracisttc2023

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