HOP CRASH COURSE. A smooth start with online learning.

Training Course

11-15 June 2023 | Litochoro + online, Greece

The blended course (online + residential activities) to learn what is quality in online learning in youth work and how to implement courses at HOP platform.


Do you want to create your own online course? This training course helps you to design and implement your online course on SALTO’s HOP Online Learning platform reflecting the quality of online learning in our field of youth work.


The HOP Crash Course is a blended training course with a mix of online and residential activities. We aim at raising the QUALITY in online learning activities within non-formal education in youth field, as well as DISCOVERING the potential of HOP Online Learning platform.

GOALS, so what is in it for you:

  • You will get more CONFIDENT to create online courses in various formats (blended and stand-alone online courses with small and big numbers of learners, facilitated and self-paced).
  • You will DISCOVER various possibilities to deliver online learning at HOP platform in an engaging, interactive and learner-centred way.
  • You will better UNDERSTAND quality in online learning, specifically in the youth work field following principles of non-formal education.
  • Finally, you will be able to get in touch and be able to NETWORK with other youth workers, trainers and organisations interested in online learning.


  • trainers/facilitators,
  • youth workers,
  • projects managers and coordinators,
  • wanting to create online training and learning activities at HOP;
  • communicating in English;
  • over 18 years old.


Nerijus Kriauciunas and Michael Kimmig as facilitators. Tomek Szopa (SALTO EECA, HOP platform) and Apostolos Alexiadis (Hellenic National Agency) as coordinators.


  • single rooms,
  • fully accessible,
  • 5* Hotel Dion Palace (https://dionpalace.com)
  • in picturesque Litochoro, just between the sea and mount Olympus.


By applying to this course you commit to participate in following online and residential activities:

18 April 2023, 17.00-19.00 CET online: onboarding meet-up, getting to know each other, introducing to the Crash Course in general and accompanying “Plan, create and publish” in particular, getting familiar with HOP initiative, and practically with the HOP platform.

18 April till 11 June, online: learning from the “HOP plan, create, publish” online course as learner.

4 May and 25 May, 17.00-18.00 CET online: check-in meetings, reflections on learning and quality in online courses.

11 June  till 15 June, residential 3 days in Greece: reflections on learning in the “HOP plan, create, publish” online course, but smoothly changing role into Creators/Facilitators. We will discuss quality criteria of non-formal online learning, introduce and explore functionalities of the HOP platform, experiment with a course activities, designing and implementing a course module with interactive activities on HOP, reflect on approaches of online course design.

end of June tbc., 2 hours online: check-up of the participants own courses creation, including some “inspirational” quality input and discussion.

end of July tbc., 2 hours online: last check-up, presentation of course projects, reflection of design process, celebration and evaluation of the HOP Crash Course

follow-up: possibility for free, optional mentoring in course creation in second part of 2023.


By taking part in this course I could not only practically create, develop and publish my first HOP course, but also cooperate with and learn from other trainers and deepen my knowledge about learning theories and approaches. I was provided with a variety of digital tools and to practically try out the options that HOP platform offers. What is more, I felt supported and inspired by facilitators who were always eager to help and motivated me and my project group to progress with our course. If you would like to grow as trainer/facilitator/youth worker in a digital world, thanks to this course you will enjoy it and practically experiment with the HOP possibilities! – Marta Brzezińska-Hubert.

Available downloads: testimonials from previous HOP Crash Courses.pdf

More information at: SALTO