Partnership-building Activity: European Solidarity Corps gets Digital

10 April – 16 June 2023 | Spain

Online capacity building course, coaching and final residential seminar for managers of organisations working with the European Solidarity Corps programme.

This long-term project starts with an online training course combining 5 webinars the 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th and 19th April 2023 (each from 17:00 to 20:00 CET) [Please apply only if you may be available to attend the webinars at the time and dates indicated] with the additional asynchronous use of an online platform to deliver some tasks and engage in further learning and debates (expected interaction and commitment in the platform of 1 to 3 hours before each webinar).

Those finishing the course will have access to 3 coaching sessions (on the 15th May, 5th June and another date TBD with participants) to follow-up the implementation of their action plan and to a 3,5 days final residential seminar and partnership building activity from 12th to 16th June (including arrival and departure dates) in CEULAJ (Mollina) Spain to finalise the process and meet with other participants interested in partnership for further actions connected with the topic of digitalisation for the improvement of the reach-out and management of the European Solidarity Corps opportunities both for organisations and young people.


  • In the context of the transition to the so-called “new normal”, (as stated at the European Youth Work Agenda) youth workers should be able to upskill their digital competencies in order to engage in meaningful digital interaction with the young people;
  • Promoting, among youth workers, the European Digital Competence Framework (also known as DigComp), which offers a tool to improve citizen’s digital competence;
  • Promoting cooperation at European level for transforming organisations into digital in order to foster and improve the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps programme and easier the reach out and impact (especially in terms of visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results) of the offered opportunities for young people.
  • Understand the nature of digital youth work as an essential complementary alternative to traditional youth work but where time and people management has to be implemented differently.


  • Further use and awareness of the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp) and assessment of participants of the competences in the areas of DigComp;
  • Mapping current trends, challenges and stakeholders in the youth work field in connection with the digitalization in the ‘new normal’;
  • Facilitate the transition to digital youth work. In becoming digital, youth work is better equipped to act as a bridge connecting young people with relevant other stakeholders (school institutions, public authorities, private companies etc.) as well as to (re)act faster and develop youth competencies that are needed in the new reality, as set up in the Bonn Declaration.
  • Elaborating an action plan for each organisation, (and coaching for its implementation), focusing on the adoption of appropriate digital strategies in their work with the European Solidarity Corps programme;
  • Facilitating the assisted transition to digital youth work for the participants through coaching sessions, followed by a residential seminar in which newer participants will be invited in order to create a partnership building activity for fostering future projects connected with digitalisation of organisations.

● Dates of the activity:
10-19 April 2023 (Online)
15 May, TBD by participants and 5 June (Online coaching sessions)
12-16 June (Final Seminar in Spain)

● Venue: ONLINE and CEULAJ (Mollina, Spain).

● Target group:
Youth workers, youth project managers, NGO managers (especially newcomers working with the European Solidarity Corps programme); trainers, volunteering mentors.

● Nº participants: 35 from Eastern Partnership countries , Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries, Southern Mediterranean countries, Western Balkan countries.

More information at: SALTO