Youth@Work EntreComp Seminar: developing entrepreneurial competences in Youth Work

24-28 April 2023 | Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

The aim of this Youth@Work seminar is to promote a common understanding of EntreComp and entrepreneurial learning focused on youth work.

The development of the entrepreneurial competences of European citizens and organizations has been one of the key policy objectives for many years, as one of the eight Key Competences for Lifelong learning and is also referred to in the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027. The EntreComp Competence Framework presents a developed and structured set of skills, attitudes, and values for the entrepreneurial mind-set, and provides guidance to youth workers and educators in developing and implementing high-quality learning opportunities for young people.

This Youth@Work seminar organized by the Erasmus+ National Agencies of North Macedonia, Turkiye and Cyprus, hosted in Skopje, North Macedonia, will explore and provide a better understanding of the EntreComp framework and other related resources and its uses in youth work practice, and aims to increase the motivation for promoting entrepreneurial learning. The activity will enhance participants’ discovery of all the dimensions of EntreComp (based on EntreComp Europe Model of competences for youth workers). Furthermore, the seminar will be a space for sharing good practices, co-create and construct diverse future uses of EntreComp.

Aim and objectives:

The aim of this seminar is to promote a common understanding of EntreComp and entrepreneurial learning focused on youth work.


Get to know the EntreComp framework and understand its potential and possible uses especially in the youth work field.

Discover strategies and resources in youth work to promote entrepreneurial learning among young people.

Boost a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mindset by exploring diverse applications of the framework to concrete projects.

Create a network for support, cooperation and sharing of experiences among the participants.


The Methodology will be based on the principles of Non-Formal Education and will encourage the active participation of the attendants, combining training sessions with different workshops and spaces for individual/group reflections and co-creation.

Throughout the seminar, the balance between theoretical sessions and interactive methods will allow the consolidation of knowledge, highlighting the importance to “learning by doing”, relying on the experience of the group and approaching the learning process in the most practical way possible.

Expected results:

Awareness of participants is increased about EntreComp and how it can support boosting the entrepreneurial competences in their contexts of intervention.

Participants are provided with tools and resources to map individual entrepreneurial competences and self-evaluation based on information and good practices of practical uses of this framework.

Motivated participants to use the framework and other resources connected in their daily work.

New innovative uses and quality applications of EntreComp framework are explored through co-creation sessions where participants will be protagonists.

Participants exchange experiences, learn and get inspired from each other and from the other actors in the seminar.

Youth@Work Partnership on youth employability and entrepreneurship of Erasmus+ National Agencies

This seminar is part of the Youth@Work Partnership. Youth@Work is an institutional alliance of 11 Erasmus+ National Agencies and 4 SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centres (SALTOs). This European strategy follows a common vision, working collaboratively on the topics of Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship. You can learn more about Youth@Work on our social media and on our website. 


The two trainers, Alicia Carpio and Patricia Eguia are members of the Pool of trainers of the Youth@Work Partnership. They bring a complementing background of expertise in entrepreneurial learning deriving from their academic background, and their involvement as youth workers and learning facilitators.

Alicia Carpio has worked more than 19 years in the youth sector, specializing in social entrepreneurship and social Innovation, both as trainer and method designer; with focus in social inclusion and gender equality. She has worked as project coordinator for regional, national and international projects, also linked to Erasmus+ program. Furthermore, she has experience in monitoring & evaluation processes.

Patricia Eguia has been a full-time trainer since 2016. Her fields of expertise are youth social entrepreneurship, youth work and training for volunteers. She has extended experience as project coordinator, especially in international projects under Erasmus + program and European Solidarity Corps. In addition, she is an evaluator of Erasmus + KA2 projects for the German Erasmus+ National Agency.

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