Conference: Peace Makers

Conference – Symposium – Forum

1-7 May 2023 | Minya, Egypt

Is achieving peace a reality or a dream that cannot be achieved? Is peace a decision of governments or people? Did religions increase conflict? In this meeting, we will try to answer all these questions from different points of view.

Since the existence of humanity, there has been no peace for long periods, from Abel and Cain to the Ukrainian-Russian war.

Here the question is what are the real reasons behind the ongoing conflicts and why is it so difficult to achieve peace?

Are religious backgrounds behind the conflict?

Is the cultural background and racism behind the conflict?

Are governments that seek conflict, or are people seeking conflict by choosing these governments?

Are we really peaceful, or do we pretend to be peaceful?

The truth is that we need to communicate and get to know each other better, to promote the values ​​of respect for others (regardless of their religious and cultural backgrounds), and to cultivate in young people the values ​​of tolerance and peace.

We are all human beings, we live on the same earth, and we drink the same water and breathe the same air.

Through this conference, we will discuss the concepts of peace and conflict, the real reasons behind the increase in violence and conflict, the factors that affect peace, and the role of youth and non-governmental organizations in spreading the culture of peace.

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