Participants Selected: Western Balkans Meet Japan – A Bridge Into Future

The Regional Youth Cooperation Office in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan thank all the applicants for taking time and submitting their applications for the youth exchange “Western Balkans Meet Japan – A Bridge Into Future”.

Due to a considerable amount of applications and limited number of places for participation, we had to reject a number of good applications. It was not an easy task to select only 12 out of hundreds of applications.

In case you applied for the exchange and you did not receive a message confirming your selection, this message is to notify you that the selection process is over and selected participants were notified on the results.

Moreover, we would like to encourage you to keep following us and take part in many opportunities you may find by visiting the RYCO website or following our social media accounts.

The selected participants are:

  1. Anja Zloporubović
  2. Ariana Gashi
  3. Arsim Abdija
  4. Donat Nixha
  5. Isidora Ikić
  6. Jasmina Bigović
  7. Marija Nikolikj
  8. Mihajlo Matković
  9. Omer Muminovic
  10. Rea Godo
  11. Stiven Domi
  12. Una Karabeg

Congratulations! 🙂

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