Seminar: Solidarity in practice

14-18 October 2024 | Italy

Join the 3-days seminar to explore, showcase and test methods and techniques to translate solidarity in practice within European Solidarity Corps and beyond

Are you passionate about fostering solidarity and making a positive impact in your community and your learning environments? Do you have already tested good methods and techniques on how to put solidarity in action? In the 3-day seminar you will get the chance to attend various workshops around solidarity and value based learning and connect the inputs with your reality. Solidarity in Practice aims at sharing the significance of solidarity in addressing societal challenges and effecting positive change.


As a participant in this hands-on seminar you will have the possibility to: 

  • Learn about practical Applications of Solidarity by exploring good practices, tools, methods and techniques on how to tackle solidarity  and create a positive impact and change in communities in your environment
  • Get inspired by these practices and learn how to adopt and implement these practices in your own contexts.
  • Showcase your good practices from various fields to a larger European audience
  • Explore new forms of civic engagement in connection with solidarity
  • Network with organisations and educators from all over Europe 


This practical conference is for you

if you are active or interested in activities related to solidarity and how to create positive change  in your environment and 

if you are:

  • Representing a  volunteering organisation active in European Solidarity Corps or a solidarity project team in European Solidarity Corps or
  • Representing a voluntary organisation  looking for new ideas on how to support value based learning or
  • Representing a youth organisation or
  • A youth worker, social worker, trainer, teacher, educator, mentor, coach, projector coordinator, tutor, adult educator,community manager, municipality representative

Seminar format

The seminar is based on non-formal learning methodologies  and peer-learning, therefore it will ask for a high level of participants’ involvement. The event will feature workshops, discussions, and interactive activities designed to encourage meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange. Participants will learn from each other, explore diverse perspectives, and gain new skills applicable to their respective roles and in their communities.

3 full working days: October 15-16-17th, Arrival day: October 14th, Departure day: October 18th.

More information at: SALTO