Gen Z Digital Workplace – “Improving online employability and resilience of young people with fewer opportunities”,


5 December 2023 | Online – Zoom, Italy

A webinar of 1 hour and 30 minutes to discover the project and to involve participant in the use of e-course and methodology. Discover how to improve soft skills and digital skills of young people to help them finding remote jobs!

The webinar will take place online, through Zoom, at 11:00 AM of 5th of December.

During the webinar, we’ll explore the Gen Z Digital Workplace initiative and its impact on enhancing the online employability and resilience of young individuals encountering limited opportunities focusing on goals and impact. We want to introduce the project, the survey results about remote work post-COVID and our results. 

If you believe in the critical importance of nurturing online employability skills and resilience, particularly for young individuals navigating constrained opportunities, this is a webinar for you. Our presentation will detail the tailored e-course and methodology designed to fortify soft and digital skills conducive to remote job opportunities.

During the second part of the meeting we’ll showcase practical examples of e-learning materials geared toward initiating online careers.

Discover how to make online careers accessible for everyone!

More information at: SALTO