TOT Make Peace: trainings for trainers in peace education

Training Course

23 February – 1 March 2024 | Evian-les-bains, France

2 trainings of trainers in Peace Education: https://youthpeaceambassadors.medium.com/open-call-for-participants-tot-make-peace-17fd849e5fe1

Make Peace project aims to equip trainers, educators, activists and youth workers with the training skills that are required to be a trainer in high quality peace education activities by experiential learning and non formal education methods and running educational activities with, for and by young people, with the special focus on further understanding peacebuilding and conflict transformation methods.

Training 1

‘Connecting Dots’. TOT on non-formal education and peacebuilding skills development, in Evian, France, 23rd February -1st March 2024

Training 2

‘Peace by You[th]’. TOT on peacebuilding and conflict transformation, in Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2nd-9th May, 2024


  • To develop participants’ competences to design, run and evaluate non-formal education and training activities in the field of peace education at European and local level;
  • To develop participants’ skills in project management and implementation related to peace and human rights education;
  • To explore connection between peace education, human rights and non-formal methods;
  • To develop participants` understanding of concepts of peace and peace education at personal,interpersonal and institutional level;
  • To create a space for participants to exercise their gained facilitation skills and implement them during local workshops;
  • To facilitate a process of planning at least 10 local workshops related to peace education;
  • To explore peacebuilding tools important in peace education, such as nonviolent communication, mediation, active listening, emotional literacy and empathy;
  • To gain awareness on the importance of nonviolent conflict resolution by getting familiar with a concept of nonviolence and ways to incorporate it into the peace education;
  • To gain knowledge on different conflict management, resolution and transformation methods;
  • To support participants to learn how to guide and facilitate intercultural processes in peace education settings.

More information at: SALTO

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