Conference – Symposium – Forum

27-31 August 2023 | near Warsaw (exact venue will be confirmed later), Poland

The TEC (Training and Evaluation Cycle) Forum 2023 is a seminar designed for trainers active in the European Solidarity Corps and NA officers who implement the TEC learning cycle. Call for NA and Salto officers will be under a separate link.

The TEC Forum, the event dedicated to the community involved in the implementation of European Solidarity Corps Training and Evaluation Cycle, has a long and rich history reaching back to 2014 when the first “official” Forum took place.

Now, 9 years later, the TEC cycle is still going strong in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps and therefore the TEC Forum can be considered as a highlight in the programme. This time the forum is hosted by the Polish National Agency in collaboration with the SALTO European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre.

The TEC Forum has always focused on the current needs of the trainers and NAs network; therefore the objectives of this meeting are going in the same direction. The objectives are:

  • To explore which structures, strategies and tools supporting the wellbeing of volunteers, trainers and NA staff are/can be implemented in TEC;
  • To strengthen a common understanding and knowledge building of the diversity of practices, approaches and quality elements of TEC;
  • To stimulate a community of practice during and beyond the event, as a space for continuous networking, support and development of TEC.

A special focus in this edition is on structures, strategies and tools supporting the well-being of volunteers, trainers and NA staff in TEC. By taking part in the Forum you may expect to meet a very diversified group of TEC trainers, NA officers and other stakeholders taking an active part in TEC. 

You may expect:

  •  interactive sessions inviting you to share your thoughts, insights and questions with an international community of practitioners and experts;
  •  in-depth conversations with people with the same or different role in TEC  implementation (trainers with trainers, NA officers with NA officers, and others);
  •  expert input on the  topic: “structures, strategies and tools supporting the well-being “;
  •  panel with a representative from European Commission
  • space where you may present your tools and methods implemented in TEC;
  • meeting on follow up with your colleagues from your country/region
  • a space where you can jointly look for new solutions on topics important to you in the area of ​​TEC implementation;
  • an environment that supports peer support and a sense of belonging to the international TEC community;
  • and above all, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere, good food and walks in the beautiful nature surrounding the venue.

The arrival of the participants is expected on 27th of August 2023 and departure on 31st of August 2023.

More information at: SALTO