Training Course: “Walk the walk of sustainability”- How to embed Sustainable Practice in your Youth Organisation

14-17 May 2023 | Dublin , Ireland

“Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come” Greta Thunberg September 2021

As a youth work practitioner do you find the discourse around the topic of sustainability to be lacking direction and substance? Do you feel that as a youth worker/ manager you do not have the competences to set out active change in your organisation, or to address the topic of sustainability with your young people in a meaningful way? If so, this training is for you.

This training course will support organisations working with young people to embed sustainability throughout your organisation, from policy to practice.

We hope to achieve the following objectives:


  • How as an organisation can you incorporate sustainable practices into your work with young people?
  • Explore how to integrate the area of sustainability and climate justice into your organisations strategic plan.
  • How to engage different stakeholders into the process.
  • Identify your organisations values and needs and how they can interlink with the topic of sustainability.
  • Identify a long-term approach in tackling the climate crisis in your organisation.

Youth Worker:

  • Demystify the language around sustainability and climate justice.
  • Develop your competencies to engage young people around this topic in an authentic way.
  •  How to enhance  your youth work skillset to find creative ways of connecting Climate Justice
  • Make connections from local to global.
  •  Incorporate Climate Justice into your programme plans.
  •  Identify how Erasmus+/ European Solidarity Corps can support your work on sustainability.
  •  Identify methods to make your international projects more sustainable.
  • We will also use the workshop to support the development of partner-finding between participants 
  • Examine the intersectionality between the climate crisis and social justice issues face by young people with fewer opportunities.

More information at: SALTO