ETS Trainer Skills Workshop – How to support wellbeing in training practices

Training Course

10-13 April 2023 | Brussels, Belgium – FL

Join us in exploring trainers’ wellbeing competences in a training context, as well as your capacity to care for the wellbeing of your participants.

  • Are you aware that as a trainer your wellbeing is important for a meaningful presence in your professional context?
  • Are you curious about what wellbeing means for colleague trainers and what practices do they have?
  • Are you willing to reflect on and share some of your practices and interested in learning some new ones?
  • Are you ready to increase your awareness and learn new ways in which you can also care for the wellbeing of your participants during one of your training courses?

If you answered one or more of these questions with ‘yes!’, this is the Trainer Skills Workshop (TSW) for you, as we will take a week to focus on trainers’ wellbeing competences in a training context, as well as your capacity to care for the wellbeing of your participants.

This TWS on wellbeing will offer the safe learning space for you and your fellow participant trainers to explore what wellbeing means to youwhat impacts your well-being in the training context, and how you can experience this in a holistic way (cognitive, emotional, somatic and relationship). Furthermore, there will be space for learning about and sharing approaches that help promote better wellbeing conditions in the training context.

About the workshop

The intentions for this TSW are:

  • To create and hold a safe learning space for trainers to reflect and exchange about their wellbeing practices in their work;
  • To develop a common and holistic understanding of what mental health, wellbeing and self-care mean in a training context;
  • To enhance competences in identifying what supports wellbeing of trainers in their professional context;
  • To gain new practical methods to better take care of well-being in training settings.

Target group and team of trainers

The course is for trainers with a long-term experience in the field of youth, who wish to develop their competence regarding particular areas or skills and transfer the learning to their youth work practice.

We do not wish to set a strict minimum number of years of experience or a number of training courses but rather focus on the need for applicants to have the capacity to reflect on their practice as trainers, which generally require several years of regular practice.


The team of this TSW is composed of Ann Daniels, Paata Alaverdashvili and Mattias Buysens.


2,5 days. Arrivals on the 10th of April in the evening and departures after lunch on the 13th of April.


The TWS is hosted by JINT vzw, the National Agency in Belgium/Flanders. Participants will be hosted in a training centre situated in a green environment near Brussels. http://www.chant-oiseau.be/language/en/

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