Open call for The Sustain-Mobility Conference

Name of the conference: The Sustain-Mobility Conference

Date of the conference: 26.02.2023.-01.03.2023.

Hosting organization: ”JUGEND für Europa”

Place: Munich, Germany

Participants age: 18+

The number of participants: 4

Working language: English

Deadline for applying: 28.12.2022.

This project is supported and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme. It means that your travel costs, accommodation, and food will be fully covered if you get selected for the project. The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission nor EACEA can be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein


Sustain-Mobility is the fourth conference of the European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM) in the youth field, building on the quality delivered through the collaborative approach of Learning Mobility institutions and Programmes in Europe.


Youth work practice, research, policy, and young people have been working together through the EPLM to improve the quality of learning mobility activities. At the same time, sustainability has become one of the key areas of consideration for learning mobility, encompassing environmental, sociocultural, and economic dimensions (and more).

While many discussions in the youth field focus on the environmental (or “green”) aspect of sustainability, it is important to make connections between all three aspects and understand how they influence and are interdependent on each other. Therefore, starting with the holistic approach towards sustainability in learning mobility projects, the conference will have the following objectives:

● broaden participants’ perspectives on sustainability by exploring its sociocultural, economic, and environmental dimensions and how they might be demonstrated in youth learning mobility;

● map and connect stakeholders, organisations, and initiatives, which work on sustainability in youth learning mobility, and increase their visibility;

● provide a space to explore the connection between sustainability and learning mobility practices;

● reflect on participants’ strengths concerning sustainability, explore gaps and possible crossroads for support and co-operation;

● raise and explore dilemmas regarding learning mobility and sustainability;

● establish the connection of sustainability in learning mobility with current Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps program priorities and priorities of other funding mechanisms, such as the European Youth Foundation; and

● include the perspectives of young people, their understanding of sustainability, and their practice examples.


The Sustain-Mobility Conference will gather around 150 practitioners, researchers, policy-makers, young people and other stakeholders, who will explore the topic of sustainability. As the EPLM supports the connection between research, practice, and policy, this event should have representation from all of these as well as young people themselves. The participants should come from the following profiles:

  1. Youth worker/NGO worker in the youth field, with experience in implementing learning mobility projects and willing to explore sustainability in this context
  2. Young people (age 18+), especially if they have a story to tell about how their learning mobility experience influenced them to make a (positive) impact on society through sustainability
  3. Policymakers from local/regional/national levels, related to youth policies, especially with a sustainability focus
  4. National Agency staff members with an interest in how to expand the focus on the sustainability priority in EU Youth Programmes


The Sustain-Mobility Conference will be an interactive and dynamic space, which will include, among other elements, panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshop sessions, and a fair of good practices. Please refer to the attached draft program for more information.


The European Platform on Learning Mobility in the youth field (EPLM) is a space for exchange and cooperation of youth organizations, researchers, policymakers and practitioners, such as trainers and youth workers. It strives to create conditions for the development of high-quality and sustainable learning mobility for all in the youth field in Europe. In order to achieve this vision, the EPLM is working to pursue quality, impact, knowledge, inclusivity, participation, sustainability, visibility, and recognition of learning mobility (including blended or online) in non-formal and informal education and learning in Europe. The EPLM is an open network, coordinated by the partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth. It connects several different international mobility Programmes, including representation from Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agencies, regional and bilateral programs, and also others that offer work camps, youth exchanges, volunteering, school exchanges, youth worker mobility, vocational apprenticeships, etc. The strength of the Platform lies in its diversity, its reach, and its ability to react flexibly to the needs of the field

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