The Guide on Youth Participation in Youth Information Services is out!

Eurodesk and Eryica have published a joint publication on “Youth Participation in Youth Information Services”.

Youth participation is essential to quality youth information. It supports the human rights of young people, contributes to democratic life and is an invaluable way of improving the work of youth information services. If we all agree on its value, implementing concrete measures to make it a reality is sometimes another story.

Eurodesk and Eryica have published this guide in order to clarify what is meant by youth participation in the context of youth information services. It provides guidelines on the various models and formats to ensure the meaningful participation of young people: content creation, peer-to-peer information, co-steering of the services and evaluation, assessment and feedback, as well as good practices from both networks.

No one model or format is more effective than another. A quality youth information service is likely to use a range of different models to support youth participation. Discover them in the guide!

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