Seminar: Climate Justice vs Right Wing Populism!

23-28 January 2023 | Zeehuis in Bergen aan Zee, Netherlands

A five day seminar tackling the issue of right wing populism in discussions about climate change. We aim to provide young people with the right tools to stand up to populist discourse, and properly argue in favour of green ideas and sustainability.

Are you passionate about climate justice in all its different aspects?
Are you tired of hearing right-wing populist theories and notions and want to know how to stop them?

If your answer is yes to both questions, then come join us in our international activity “Climate Justice vs Right Wing Populism”!
During the days together we will go deeper into the topics of climate justice and populism, while discovering how to recognise the patterns that populists use to spread misinformation.

International Young Naturefriends have decided to dedicate the year 2023 to giving young people the tools to tackle right wing populist currents in the environmental and climate justice movement with a cycle called “Extremism, a Danger for Climate Justice?”.
We will welcome international participants during 4 international activities throughout the year.
We are looking for people who are passionate about climate justice and who want to learn techniques to debunk right wing populist narratives in the environmental discourse.

The activity is aiming to give youth leaders and young people the following learning experiences:

  • Gaining knowledge about climate justice and the social aspects of the climate crisis
  • Understanding the political and psychological principles of populism
  • Ability to recognise contradictory “truths” spread my populists about the climate crisis

If you are applying as a participant, we appreciate if you have:

  • a genuine interest in climate justice in all its aspects
  • motivation to learn how to debate and debunk right wing populist talking points
  • motivation to spread and share the contents and newly gained knowledge and experiences during the activity back in your local community
  • availability to participate in all 4 activities of the cycle is an asset
  • age 18-30 (we can also accept a limited number of participants older than 30 years old)
  • good level of English accompanied with communication skills (you should be able to express yourself both orally and in writing)

If you would like to know more information about the activity, contact francesco@iynf.org or visit our website by clicking here.

If you would like to apply directly to our activity, you can fill in the form by clicking here.

More information at: SALTO