React! | Training for Youth Workers on Impact Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy and Personal Leadership

E-learning / 4 September – 5 October 2022 | Netherlands

React! is calling on all Youth Workers to spread knowledge on circular economy, social entrepreneurship and personal development.


The development of a circular economy and social entrepreneurship is seen as key to improving the environment and creating positive societal change. But whilst awareness and interest in social entrepreneurship and the circular economy is increasing, it remains difficult for young people to access the right information and support to inflict great change. Young entrepreneurship is an important driver for innovation and a path forward towards a sustainable economy.


All the ins and outs about the circular economy:
What is the circular economy
How can you integrate your own ambition and skills with the circular economy?
How to help young people to integrate circular economy in daily life
About impact entrepreneurship and how to apply it to your daily life:

About Impact Entrepreneurship and how to apply it:
What is impact entrepreneurship?
What can youth workers learn from impact entrepreneurs and how can you collaborate?
How can you support young people in starting their own impact business?

About your own drive, mindset and motivation:
Embark on a journey in which you will have the opportunity to think about your WHY (your purpose) and about your own mindset that is either supporting or hindering you
The opportunity to stop and (re)think about what really matters
And how can you challenge your own assumption about what is possible

How it will look like:
Sign-up before Aug 13
Course starts September 4, including:

  • 2 modules each week to follow in your own time
  • 4 live and interactive sessions to meet other Youth Workers, get new inspiration and share knowledge
    The course will be finished October 5.

The 15 most motivated participants will get a free tickets to the bootcamp in Ireland, January 2023 to learn more about the circular economy, impact entrepreneurship and your personal leadership skills.

More information at: SALTO