MATRA 2022 Open call for Proposals in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Kingdom of Netherlands is seeking proposals for its MATRA 2022 Programme.

MATRA stands for maatschappelijke transformatie, meaning ‘social transformation’. It is part of the Netherlands Fund for Regional Partnerships (NFRP) that supports current and potential EU candidate countries and the countries of the Eastern Partnership in their attempts to fulfil conditions required by the EU accession processes (e.g. Copenhagen Criteria and/or Association Agreements with EU). The partnership supplements the European Commission’s efforts and aims to help countries on the fringes of the European Union to strengthen democracy and the rule of law, thus enhance stability.


  • The objective of MATRA is to contribute to social transformation, leading to a sustainable relationship between government and the citizens in the areas of plural democracy, the rule of law and human rights, using Dutch experience where possible.
  • With this objective in mind, support is provided to civil society organizations to promote constructive dialogue between government and civil society through demand-driven projects.

Focus Areas

The aim is to increase accountability and transparency of BiH authorities, influence policies and legislation, and/or monitor their implementation in the following fields:

  • Rule of Law, including reform of the judiciary and public administration, and fight against corruption and organised crime;
  • Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, with a special focus on human rights defenders, equal rights for LGBTI persons and freedom of religion and belief;
  • Freedom of expression and independent media, including a safe working environment for journalists in traditional and digital media.
  • Social and economic reforms in light of EU accession path of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Stability and security, with a focus on migration, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism.

Eligibility Criteria

MATRA is open for applications by local non-governmental organizations.


The following activities and types of projects are not eligible for funding under MATRA:

  • Projects related to other than above listed themes;
  • Projects with a predominantly academic focus, i.e. research and feasibility studies;
  • Projects that largely or exclusively involve the delivery of goods or materials;
  • Infrastructural or construction projects;
  • Bursaries or education programmes;
  • Humanitarian aid;
  • Projects which are primarily a continuation of previous or ongoing projects, funded by the MATRA or by other donors.

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