Youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia Break Down Prejudices and Stereotypes

Within the third RYCO Open Call for Project Proposals, supported by the Federal Republic of Germany, Srednja Zanatska Skola from Serbia and JU Skola za srednje srtucno obrazovanje i radno osposobljavanjee from Bosnia and Herzegovina, implemented the project “Together we can achieve more” which took place from January 2020 to March 2021.

The project focused on international cooperation and professional exchange between the two schools for students with disabilities, by bringing them together and fostering youth cooperation.

Given the Covid-19 circumstances, all planned activities were conducted online and modified in accordance with online youth exchange formats. Young participants met in online space to share their experiences.

“I really loved this project. It was fun and exciting and I enjoyed all the activities,” Mr Senad Osmani, project participant, stated.

“Participating in this project was a great pleasure. Beside practicing with technology, and trying to deliver real world communication, we gained new friends and new ideas. Young participants are now always asking for the friends they made during the project,” Ms Tamara Lazovic, one of the teachers participating in the project added.

The project also helped to increase the skills and needs of students with disabilities by empowering them to overcome socio-economic barriers to strong youth engagement in society, tackle various prejudices and stereotypes and enabling them to discuss their vision and ideas in a safe environment.

“With pleasure and enjoyment, I cooperated, shared experiences and socialized with colleagues and students from partner schools in Sarajevo. We have made a wonderful friendship and I hope and look forward to the future cooperation we have agreed upon,” Mr Bogoljub Radovanovic, Project Assistant, emphasized.

Despite the fact that the project activities took place in an online setting, young participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia made new friends, built new connections and got to know other cultures and experiences.

“This project gave us something to do other than the normal everyday activities and to meet new friends from another place. I’m very grateful for that,” Ms Anđela Stamenić, project participant, underlined.

Speaking of key takeaways for this experience, another project assistant Ms Amra Beganovic Celebic added that: “This project helped me get out of my comfort zone, learn new skills and have a great time with the students and colleagues”.

Through intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, young participants in the project “Together we can achieve more” managed to successfully address common challenges, discussing solutions and foster youth empowerment and role for the betterment of Western Balkan societies.

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