MOOC on Essentials of Youth Work 2021

What is youth work? Who is it for? Where does it come from? How is it done and by whom? How does one become a youth worker? How is youth work supported? How is it linked to youth policy?

Join the Massive Open Online Course on Essentials of Youth Work, developed by the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership, to explore answers to these questions and many more.

The course guides you through the “basics” of youth work and gives an overview of youth work practices and policies across Europe, while you can learn about best practices in the field, share your own experience and get to know others’.

After the successful first edition of the course, we are welcoming learners from all over the world again with an updated course content. We included the outcomes of the European Youth Work Convention and other recent youth policy developments in the course and you can learn more about the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda.

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