Study visit on the topic of Youth work in Schools in Finland

17-21 May 2020 | Lahti, Finland

Youth work in schools – a dream to come true or already advanced profession? During this study visit we will explore a phenomenon called youth work in schools by getting familiar with the best practises.
Youth work and schools have history over decades of educational partnership among the school aged children and teenagers in Finland. Different municipalities have different approaches to how schools and youth work are working together. Nevertheless, they all share similarities in their past learning curve and challenges

This study visit aims to have an overview of different kind of co-operation models and methods used in youth work in schools in Finland. A specific aim is to support the increase of knowledge and competencies of participants and organizations involved. During the study visit participants will be challenged to recognize the best practises that could be transferred to their own work. We will NOT focus on the Finnish school system, or getting to know practice of teaching nor the existing curriculum of Finnish schools, more than it’s adequate to understand the frame of the work

The study visit will consist of a practical part: visit the local youth work actors and in activities focused on evaluation and recognizing opportunities in participants own organizations.


3 working days of activities in a group with facilitator. We will use field visits to projects and organizations, reflection/debriefing activities and in general non formal methods will be preferred.

Participant Profile:

The target group for the study visit in Lahti are youth workers willing to enhance their competencies in the field of youth work in schools.

Other characteristics are:

  • to have interest in starting / developing better co-operation between youth sector and education sector
  • to have experience in the youth work sector
  • to be interested in developing new projects on youth work in schools in the framework of European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+
  • to be able to communicate and work in English
  • to be able to attend the full study visit
  • wish to learn from each other’s during debate and evaluation

Available downloads: Draft program_Study visit on the topic of Youth Work in Schools in Finland.pdf

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