Creative Leaders for Peace. Online training on leadership and innovation in peacebuilding

Training Course / 7-16 May 2021 | Online, France

A 6-day training course to empower you to become a leader and active change-maker in your society. We will create a personal and group projects to enhance your skills and transform your community. Every participant will get a certificate at the end.

Creative Leaders for Peace’ project was designed by the group of international youth workers and activists — members of YPAN — working in the peacebuilding field.. We want to create a space where you could take the challenge and be the creative peace leader and to restructure the existing patterns of leadership. We want to propose to explore a leadership based on non-violence, empathy, human rights and build a new structure for peace and human rights. That’s why we want to show you the way, so you can lead others in the field and bring sustainable peace in COVID times.

The training will take place between 7-9 of May (Fri-Sun) & 14-16 of May (Fri-Sun). We decided to divide the training in 3 days and 3 days.

The objectives are:

  • to gain better understanding of peace and human rights and its forms and the importance of youth participation and leadership in democratic institutions
  • to equip young activists with off-line and on-line tools to strengthen culture of peace and human rights both on a local and European level
  • to create a space for young people to practice their leadership skills aiming to promote transcultural societies and speak up for under-represented voices
  • to equip young people with skills to be able to engage with policy makers in peace processes and in addressing the human rights and peace violations at the local level
  • to create series of audiovisual materials for, with and by young people which would make the voices of young people heard
  • to design at least 8 youth-led initiatives by the participants of the project which would aim to create sustainable peace in European societies
  • to strengthen the YPA network with new active members so that it can serve as a space for engagement in peacebuilding for young people


  • Join a group with an open mind, ready to take action, seeking for constructive learning, and willing to be changemakers
  • Create a community with respect, love and “sharing is caring” mood
  • Show your best skills to others, offer an ear to hear and questions to ask
  • Find what “outside the box” really means
  • Believe that youth is part of the change
  • Have the time to meet cool people with a thousand stories to share
  • Participate in the 6 days of the training


Youth Peace Ambassadors Network, as so its trainings, is open to everyone, no matter your gender, age, nationality, religion or ideology. We believe and advocate for Human Rights, and so we aim to empower you as a leader for these too. Apply!

More information at: SALTO