Online Training: Mobilized for a truthful society of information

The Influencers Trust Project is an international project co-funded by the European Commission aiming at the development of a Trust Label for Influencers to increase citizens’ awareness about what is and what is not quality and reliable information.

In recent years, the figure of “influencers” has become gradually established, designating those profiles that come from the cultural, sports, artistic, political, or business fields among others, and whose opinions implies influence on the decisions of different social groups, playing an increasingly important role in the shaping of public opinion. In this context, the project has developed a model that can be used by influencers as a tool to guarantee to their followers the reliability of the information content divulgated through their channels.

Additionally, to ensure successful use of the Trust Label, the project is organizing a series of trainings oriented to increase the level of media literacy through a better understanding of the developed tool, oriented to different targeted groups.

This training, specifically oriented to young people, will unfold into a two days online activity (6th and 7th of April 2021), designed as an interactive and participatory event with the active involvement of well-known social media influencers.

We are happy to welcome you to our training! 🙂

To successfully register, please fill in the form. The information collected through this form will be used exclusively for project management purposes. Your answers will help to gather reliable information about youngster’s behaviors only that will enrich the general achievement of the project goals.

What will you gain through the training?

  • The training will improve participant’s capacities to acquire a critical understanding of social media, the danger of receiving and propagating disinformation through social media channels, and the proper use of fact-checking service.   - Participants will explore the different ways of reporting disinformation and practical tools and methodologies to better use and interact with information through social media.  
  • Participants will learn about the rationale and use of the Trust Label for Influencers. Moreover, they will explore how this tool can help them to improve their media literacy skills and combat fake news encountered through social media.
  • Participants will experience a first-hand opportunity to interact and discuss with influencers about the best ways to combat fake news encounters in social media and practically spread the use and recognition of the Trust Label.

More information at: YouthProAktiv