Bugarska: “YOUth impACT through Volunteering”

This is a call for the international volunteers to join “YOUth impACT through Volunteering” Long-Term Volunteering Project (ESC) 2021-2022 in Sofia Bulgaria.

The International Foundation for Y-PEER Development (IFYD) is calling for International Volunteers from any country of the member states of the European Union (EU), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia to join an EU funded Long-term Volunteering project (ESC) in 2021 and 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The period we planned for the volunteering experience is:

  • 2 International Volunteers from May to October 2021 (180 days is the duration per volunteer)
  • 2 International Volunteers from October 2021 to March 2022 (180 days is the duration per volunteer)

Expenses: Visa cost, flight tickets, local transportation in Sofia, accommodation, and monthly allowance are covered by the European Solidarity Corps Programme of the European Union.

Deadline: 1st April, 2021

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Preuzeto sa: hocu.ba