Communicate from the Heart: Foundations of NVC

E-learning / 31 March – 5 May 2021 | Zoom, Netherlands

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in youth work is a powerful tool to connect with yourself and with youngsters more authentically & compassionately. In these 6 weeks, we practice how to communicate through needs, manage conflicts and honestly listen & hear!
Every Wednesday from 18:30 CET from 31st March – 5th May (2 hours)

WHY you should participate:

  • This course invites you to take a perspective on communication, one based on honest and compassionate relating that you can use both in your personal and professional life.
  • To connect with your authentic self, meeting your body, your feelings, and your thoughts as they are.
  • To connect more authentically and empathically with young people – hearing the message behind their judgments and learning to empathize, rather than sympathize
  • PLUS: NVC is a great tool to navigate conflict! We will explore how to use conflict as an opportunity for connection with the other and to what’s important for us.

If you want to know more about NVC:

HOW? (the method)

  • Nonviolent Communication: What’s alive in you right now? What is so important for you in this situation? How to never hear a no again?
  • Embodiment: Where does your body want to move? What are you learning from your body? What would your body say?
  • Practice: Self-empathy, Empathy Buddies, Group Harvesting (Sharing)

WHO? are your facilitators:

Elena Zanchetta: Embodiment Facilitator, NVC Coach & Mediator

Joanna Nikolova: Youth Worker, Trauma Coach, Cultural Anthropologist

Zsofia Gaudi: Mental Health Coach, Educator, Trainer

More Info about them, here:


31st March: Active Listening + Camera Language

7th April: Thoughts

14th April: Feelings

21st April: Needs

28th April: Strategy & Request

5th May: NVC Practice


Available downloads: SALTO – NVC course – Info Letter (2).pdf

More information at: SALTO