REGISTER NOW: ROUTE WB6 Regional Cross Border Volunteer Program

The ROUTE WB6 project proudly opens the registrations for the first regional volunteers exchange program. This is the first program of this king in the Western Balkans, designed by the young people for young people.

We encourage all young people 18-30 years old to register for volunteering opportunities across the region. The registration form is not demanding and takes only a few minutes to fill in. During spring and summer 2021, the ROUTE WB6 project will present volunteering opportunities and offer suitable volunteer positions for the registered. The ones whose profile corresponds to the volunteering opportunity – event, community project, or an organizational need – will be contacted for future arrangements. We aim to provide the opportunity for hundreds of young people to challenge themselves with new experiences, travel across the region, make new friends, gain new skills and learn more about the local communities.

Almost three months ago, we presented the Regional Volunteers Web Platform, an online place to support young people, civil society organizations, and local communities across the region to find the best matching volunteering experience.

The design process of this exchange program was quite challenging, considering the times we are living in. We are glad for the cooperation and the contribution of all the young people that participated in the process. We invite you to get inspired by listening to their stories. Don’t forget that the web platform also serves as a resource center where everyone interested in volunteering across the region can find useful information on the legislation, practice, and challenges it brings.

The ROUTE WB6 Program is established in the framework of the ROUTE WB6 project. The project is implemented across the Western Balkans 6 by a consortium led by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) in association with Beyond Barriers, South East European Youth Network, Institute for Youth Development KULT, Lens, Youth Cultural Center Bitola, Association for Democratic Prosperity Zid and Young Researchers of Serbia. The overall objective of the project is to make young people from the region drivers of reconciliation and societal reconstruction, enabling them to apply European values, initiate and lead intercultural dialogue and regional cooperation towards socio-economic and democratic development. This initiative is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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