YOCOMO – an ETS online course on competence-based development for youth workers

E-learning / 21 October – 18 November 2020 | Online , Germany

This is a Massive Open Online Course for youth workers willing to explore ways for competence-based development. Anyone can join and learn free of charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: even though there is a deadline due to the system behind these calls, the course will be OPEN ON 21.10 and there is NO SELECTION PROCEDURE.

Join it here: https://canvas.instructure.com/enroll/ENGDWJ You will be redirected to Canvas online platform to register for the course.


  • To discover what a competence-based approach is and its applicability in the context of international youth work.
  • To introduce the European Training Strategy competence model for youth workers working internationally and to link it to your personal youth work practice.
  • To explore competence self-assessment tools.
  • To discover ways and tools for professional development.


The course is structured into 5 thematic modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the course
  • Module 2: A competence-based approach in international youth work
  • Module 3: The ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers to Work Internationally
  • Module 4: Tools for competence self-assessment.
  • Module 5: Using the competence model for professional development.

Each module is structured into 5-6 sessions offering different interactive learning content online, which is uploaded to the Canvas MOOC hosting platform. Participants learn through animated videos, pre-recorded video interviews and some educational texts.

Each module will require 1-4 hours to complete the activities.

The first 2 modules will be open from the first week of the course and every week there will be a new module opened.


Laimonas Ragauskas – Laimonas lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and works as a facilitator in the field of non-formal learning and training for various youth work organisations as well as local and European institutions.

Nerijus Kriauciunas – Nerijus lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and works as a freelancer delivering international training activities in the youth work field at local and European levels.

Snežana Bačlija Knoch – Snežana is an educational consultant in non-formal education and youth work field at local and European levels, as well as certified youth worker.

DEADLINE and SELECTION: Please note that although a deadline of 20.10 is indicated, the course starts on the 21.10 and there is no application or selection procedure. The course is online and will be facilitated until 18.11.2020.

More information at: SALTO