Training Course “GESI – Gender equality and social inclusion“

8-14 August 2023 | Krusevac, Serbia

The purpose of this TC is to share/exchange knowledge & experience, discuss gender issues in social inclusion, and plan offline/online campaigns against gender discrimination as a factor for the social exclusion of vulnerable youth.

”Gender equality and social inclusion“ is a international partnership project for the skills development of participating youth workers/leaders and providing them with innovative approaches and tools in the field of combating all forms of discrimination and promoting gender equality. TC is created in partnership of  4 youth organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia and will involve participants from another 3 CoE member states: Montenegro, Republic of Türkiye, Italy and North Macedonia. The purpose of this TC is to promote gender equality considering that it is one of the basic human rights and common values of freedom. Project will be realized through 7 day long international training course, for 30 participants, youth workers and youth leaders with special experience or interest for gender equality, human rights, dialogue and understanding.

TC phase will be divided in two main phases – “learning” and “practicing” phase since the first one is more related to gaining knowledge of participants and the second one is more related to building skills and changing attitudes.

– Learning: In this phase participants will get theoretical knowledge related to the keywords of the TC and topics the project is dealing with. 

– Practicing :This phase of the training course will provide participants with skills needed to combat gender based discrimination in relation with social inclusion. After which participants will capitalize gained knowledge and skills and produce materials and create campaigns which will address the issues.

The whole project is focused on gender in correlation with social inclusion and will contribute to pointing existing gender-based discrimination which is base for social exclusion. The project in main topic is focused in addressing gender perspective and gender sensitive approach as important part in building inclusive and peaceful societies.

During the project, participants will gain theoretical knowledge about the Gender equality and Social inclusion and practical skills how to use ofline and online tools as effectively social intervention method in their youth work in their local/national communities towards meaningful social change.

Participants will learn how to use of line and on line space to combat gender discrimination and contribute to gender equality and social inclusion. Participants will create, practice and produce diverse contents to create action plan for GASI campaign which will be provided in follow up phase.

More information at: SALTO