Coaching/Mentoring Course 2023


10 May – 5 July 2023 | online, Poland

Coaching/Mentoring Course 2023 is an online course for people working with youth which consists of 9 weekly meetings, 3.5h each, during which we will learn and practise various coaching/mentoring methods.

We are honored and excited to invite you for the Coaching/Mentoring Course 2023 which has two main goals:

  • Develop ourselves through participating in various coaching/mentoring exercises, reviewing our visions, values, dreams, purpose and life mission, recognising our strengths and potential as well as the best way of implementing them in our work with young people.
  • Learn coaching/mentoring methods and techniques which can be used in individual and group work with young people, as well as develop and improve coaching/mentoring skills and understanding its purpose.

Basic information:

  • The Coaching/Mentoring Course consists of 9 weekly meetings online, 3.5h hours each. We will meet on Wednesdays 5.00-8.30 (CET), starting from 10.05.2023.
  • The Coaching/Mentoring Course is based on experience – we will learn various and diverse coaching/mentoring techniques, trying them all out on ourselves. At each meeting you will have a chance to be both a coach and a coachee, mentor and mentee, developing your own skills based on kind yet valuable feedback, but also having a chance to dive deeper into your own needs and potential.
  • The participation fee for the whole course (9 meetings – over 30h + additional materials) is on a sliding scale between 300 and 500 euro. You decide the exact amount, based on your individual possibilities. There is an option of payment in installments, if needed. All the information concerning the payment will be sent directly to accepted participants.

Target group:

We invite everybody who:

  • works directly with young people
  • speaks communicative English
  • has time and will to participate in all the course and implement new gained skills in their work

10.05.2023 – Introduction

  • Contract and its role in coaching/mentoring sessions for young people.
  • Definitions and differences between coaching/mentoring and other types of support (for example training or therapy).
  • Introduction to deep listening.
  • The art of asking questions – how to ask proper coaching/mentoring questions.
  • Coaching/mentoring technique: Action Learning.

17.05.2023 – Communication and listening

  • Deep and active listening.
  • Effective communication: mirroring, clarification, paraphrasing, feedback.
  • Introduction to working with emotions and body.
  • Non-violent communication.

24.05.2023 – Structure of a coaching/mentoring session

  • Setting goals.
  • Running coaching sessions – basic elements, rules, time management.
  • Coaching/mentoring techniques: GROW, SCORES, KAIZEN.

31.05.2023 – Personal resources

  • Finding people’s strengths and talents and using them in coaching/mentoring practice.
  • Coaching/mentoring techniques: 7 strengths, Work with success stories, Empowerment through feedback.

7.06.2023 – Basic coaching techniques

  • Introduction to the Dilts Pyramide.
  • Coaching/mentoring techniques: The Wheel of Life, Perfect Day.

14.06.2023 – Behavioural and cognitive coaching/mentoring techniques

  • Five Rules for Healthy Thinking (5RHT).
  • Cognitive distortions and the ways to recognize them.
  • Coaching/mentoring techniques: Decision chart, Work with limiting beliefs.

21.06.2023 – Coaching/mentoring techniques based on metaphor and imagination

  • Coaching/mentoring techniques: Map of Dreams, Hierarchy of Values, Walt Disney method, Dixit Cards in coaching/mentoring, Drawing emotional map, Body image.

28.06.2023 – Identity and life mission

  • Coaching/mentoring techniques: Johari Window, Ikigai.

05.07.2023 – Process of change and long term motivation

  • Stages of the process of change and their consequences in the coaching/mentoring process.
  • Building and maintaining long lasting motivation.
  • Evolution of the course.


Anna Książek – trainer, coach, psychologist, activist. She has almost 20 years of experience in supporting individuals and groups in personal development. She has a master in psychology (clinical psychology) and pedagogy (education by art), she also finished the Professional School of Coaching (1-year professional course). Full portfolio: http://ksiazekanna.strikingly.com/.


Please, register by filling in the application form The course has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants. We wait for your applications till 08.05.2023.


In case of any questions feel free to contact Anna directly: ksiazek.anna@gmail.com.

More information at: SALTO