Seminar: Street Smart – detached youth work

4-7 September 2023 | Dublin , Ireland

This contact-making seminar will explore a distinct form of youth work called ‘detached youth work’, which engages with young people in places they chose to gather, the street, green spaces or at their local shops.

This seminar will focus on sharing good practices to connect with young people aged 10 to 24 years who are not linked in with youth groups or centers. The seminar is led by two experts in the field Tracey Moore, the Youth Service Manager at www.youthworkmidlands.org digital transformation and European Solidarity Corps Programme lead, and Darren O’Connor with 15 years of training and youth work experience and detached youth work. 

This seminar consists of :

  •  a study visit on the last day of the seminar
  •  integrated online 2-hour pre-arrival meeting with participants via Discord.

The purpose of digital networking via Discord is to create a network space that will be used by participants to continue on with exchanges of good practices, tools, and ideas. 


  • Develop an integrative/agile working space for participants for Pre, Mid and Post Seminar – via Discord  
  • Establish Common Ground: Understanding Youth Work Practice field methodologies (Outreach, Detached, Street, Inhouse, F2F, Online)
  • Understand the value of meeting YP “where they are” 
  • Observations and reflections on existing services in Dublin with study visits
  • Connect with other youth workers from different countries
  • Provide ‘space’ for exchanging relevant topics and sharing good practices
  • Explore comparisons in practice and terminology within Europe 
  • Build a stronger network and synergies for potential future mobility projects 

This seminar is ideal for youth workers who have an interest in detached youth work, have experience, and want to start the initiative. 

Please note the first networking session will be online via discord that will take place the week of 21st August. The time and date will be confirmed directly with successful applicants. The manual will also be sent. 

More information at: SALTO