Training Course: Quality Label – Tools and methods for measuring project quality within volunteering projects

5-9 June 2023 | N. Kallikrateia, Halkidiki, Greece

The main aim of this transnational activity is to discuss on tools and methods that hosting organisations can utilize in order to measure the quality of their volunteering projects and the relevant impact.

What is this course about?

The effectiveness of a volunteering project is interrelated with the quality and the impact of the activities that it encloses as much as the quality of the environment that the organisations provide to their volunteers so that they can maximize their learning experience.

Therefore, hosting organisations are being asked to invest in quality while carrying their projects in terms of qualitative and impactful activities and in terms of support provided to volunteers. This pattern of quality should, therefore, be measured and monitored by the organisations with a set of tools and mechanisms that they have developed or use. 

Aim of the course:

To provide a space for representatives of hosting organisations to discuss upon those tools and methods for measuring the quality of their projects and their impact upon their hosting volunteers and beyond.


  • To be aware and practise new tools and methods on quality and quantity measuring of the impact of volunteering projects
  • To share good and bad practices on measuring the impact of the volunteering projects
  • To identify the key aspects of a successful project and how we could maximize the quality outcomes of the volunteering projects
  • To create new methods and tools of messing the impact in personal, local and global level

Participants profile:

 Volunteering projects coordinators, volunteering projects project managers, representatives of organisations that hold Quality Label with hosting or/and leading role.

Timeline of the training:

05.06.2023 Arrival Day

6-8.06.2023 Working days

09.06.2023 Departure Day

Recognition of learning:  Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate and will be introduced to ETS Competence Model for youth workers to work internationally.

Trainers’ team:  Aristodimos Paraschou, Grigoris Kyriakou

More information at: SALTO