Call for participants: Become a change-maker for the European election

DYPALL Network is searching for change-makers in the TALE project’s capacity-building programme, co-funded by the European Parliament.

The project aims to activate and empower citizens to engage a greater number of voters and reduce the gap in voter turnout among various EU member states, empowering them to play an active role in the next European parliamentary elections in 2024.

The selected participants will have the chance to participate in the capacity-building programme, which will include three online webinars focused on EU values, institutions, EU Parliament elections and the importance of relying on clear and transparent news.

You can discover more and apply by 26th May 2023 at the link.

The project is developed by a consortium of partners coordinated by @aldaeurope, in collaboration with Leader France (France), Udruga ECHO (Croatia), @foster.europe (Austria), @drpdnm_ (Slovenia), UBBSLA (Bulgaria), and DYPALL Network, founded by the European Parliament.

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