31 March – 19 May 2023 | Greece

Youth Pool is back! This year, as every year, young people from different parts of the world are welcomed to join an interactive space and form their own ideas for community change.

Do you care about an issue such as climate sustainability, social inclusion, youth participation and quality education?

With Youth Pool you could virtually connect with people across Europe and beyond to discuss these issues and build ideas of interventions in your local community!

You could also invite your friends to join the online meetings or work with them offline!

This year we are going to show you how you could finance your local idea through the Solidarity Projects of the EU. The programme is offered particularly to young people and youth leaders aged between 18 to 30 yo in order to be eligible for applying to the Solidarity Projects programme.

Are you interested?

Check out the programme we have designed for you based on the previous Youth Pool experiences and apply until the end of March 2023.

*Please note that dates and times might slightly change.*

Introductions – 31 March 14-15.30 CET

This will be an introductory meeting to get to know each other. We are going to use some interactive games and activities to reflect on our needs, expectations and dreams about the future.

Youth Needs Basics – 27 March 14-15.30 CET

During this meeting, you will learn how you could do research on youth (community) needs of your local community. You will be presented with tips and processes that could be helpful. You will be also introduced to the importance of public space and how public space could be used for your interventions. You will be assigned to an individual task on youth needs. There will be also a short tutorial on how to use Canva for presenting your own results in the form of an infographic.

Choosing a topic and group division – 19 April 14-15.30 CET

You will present your infographics and discuss the main outcomes of your research and youth needs analysis. Then, based on the topics of interest, Youth Pool sub-groups will be formed to go deeper into the issues, find commonalities and differences, brainstorm on ideas and good practices that might have been already implemented in their communities.

Building power together – 21 April 14-15.30 CET

In this meeting, you will learn the basics on advocacy, get inspired by advocacy activities examples and learn to think and act in common. Your task for the next time will be to build an actual idea for community intervention that addresses a need of your interest.

Ideas for change – 28 April 14-15.30 CET

During this meeting, each group will present a snapshot of their idea and receive collective feedback.

What could the EU do to support our ideas? – 19 May 14-15.30 CET

Finally, we will talk and share experiences on youth opportunities and ways of participation through the EU funding programs and institutions. We will explore, in particular, how we could apply for solidarity projects with our friends in our community.

Based on the thematic focus of each Youth Pool sub-group, special additional thematic workshops could be organized inspired by the principles and activities of Inter Alia.

Register here: https://interaliaproject.com/participation/youth-pool-2023-bringing-young-people-together-for-change/

Please note that you could participate also as a group of young people and share the programme with your volunteers if you are an NGO representative. 

Ask questions to Amerissa at giannouli@interaliaproject.com 

More information at: SALTO