CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: The Thorvald Stoltenberg Seminar, Oslo, Norway

Training Course

13-18 June 2023 | Oslo, Utøya, Norway

The training course supports young people’s actions to foster co-existence, trust and dialogue among people living in diverse societies. Young activists, educators, and community leaders from across Europe are invited to Utøya, Norway.

About the training

The aim of the training is to support and promote youth engagement in Europe to foster co-existence, trust and dialogue in diverse societies.

Download the pdf-document for more detailed information. 

At the training course, participants will

• identify current threats to democratic and inclusive societies

• explore how to address these challenges working with young people

• explore dialogical approaches to conflict resolution and controversial issues

• exchange experiences and good practices

The training will last for 6 days, which include 4 full days of training, 1 day of arrival (13th June) and 1 day of departure (18th June).

We bring together 30 participants from all over Europe, selected through an open call. The training is for young people who are involved in youth work, campaigns, networks, youth organizations or other activities with young people promoting youth engagement in society.


More information at: SALTO