ETS – Trainer Skills Workshop – Well being in training / educational activities

Training Course / 29 November – 2 December 2020 | Cologne, Germany

This Trainer Skills Workshop intends to expand trainers’ practice exploration with regard to how they deal with well-being in training, in general, and in challenging time like COVID 19.

— Note: please note that at the moment this course is still foreseen as a residential one, depending of the evolution of the regulations connected to the COVID-19 situation —

Trainer Skill Workshops (TSW) take place twice a year as part of a strategic long-term cooperation between NAs and SALTO T&C RC coordinating European training offers for trainers. It supports ‘advanced trainers’ to explore a certain area of trainers’ work and related competences of the European Training Strategy’s Competence Model for Trainers. In other words, TSWs are for trainers having a long-term experience with training in the field of youth. The course is for trainers who wish to develop their competence with regard to particular areas/skills and transfer the learning to their youth work training practice.

This TSW will focus on the topic of well-being in training practices. It will explore:

  • What does well-being mean in a training context and how can trainings/ educational activities be developed from a well-being perspective?
  • How can trainers support learning, reflection and self-awareness through well-being technics and practices?
  • Can the well-being of trainer teams and the well-being of the group be a holistic approach?
  • What elements can well-being in trainings/ educational activities include and how can trainers influence them?

The course will also provide space to reflect on what well-being means in times of Corona, not only physical well-being, but also emotional and mental well-being of teams and groups.

The TSW was being postponed due to the Corona situation. In these times of COVID19, that stand for ambiguity and change, there is a great need to focus on well-being, but it also becomes more difficult. The TSW wants to create a save space of getting together between experienced trainers to explore the topic of well-being in training practice.

The training will go beyond exchanging practices of wellness. It will invite trainer-learners to have the inner readiness to reflect on their practices and attitudes on facilitating well-being in a multidimensional environment (myself – team – participants).

TSW are NOT Trainings of Trainers, but have the intention of opening a space of learning, reflecting and sharing amongst the trainer-participants based on their experiences. Therefore, it is not the intention to hand the trainer-participants a “ready to go tool-kit”, but to open the space for reflection on their current practices and share ideas, thoughts and motivations on this topic.

Target group and team of trainers

TSWs are targeting trainers who already have a long-term experience with training in the field of youth. We do not wish to set a strict minimum number of years of experience or a number of training courses but rather focus on the need for applicants to have the capacity to reflect on their practice as trainers, which generally require several years of regular practice. The training activity is for trainers who wish to develop their competence with regard to particular areas/skills and transfer the learning to their youth work practice.

The team of this TSW is composed of Raphaela Blassnig and Hranush Shahnazaryan.


2,5 days. Arrivals on 29th of November till 7 pm and departures after lunch on 2nd of December.


This TSW is organised by the “Trainer Competence Development” working group project: www.salto-youth.net/trainercompetencedevelopment

The Austrian, Dutch, Czech, Estonian, German, Irish, Polish, and Spanish Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies together with the SALTO Training and Cooperation RC develop and carry out this long-term NA strategic partnership project.

Supporting the competence development of trainers is an important aspect to ensure the high quality of youth worker trainings in Europe. The ETS therefore calls for the development of a modular system to train the trainers of youth workers by defining a set of essential competences that can be acquired in specific courses and serve to establish a pool of certified trainers in Europe.

SALTO T&C RC keeps this subject on its agenda and develops projects in cooperation with NAs and other stakeholders.

More informatio at: SALTO