Do_cument it Yourself | Training Course

Training Course

29 October – 5 November 2022 | Berlin, Germany

This is an exclusive 2-phase Training Course where you will have the chance to learn all about videomaking, and how to promote your organization and/or initiative’s work to increase their impact.

For all of us who are part of not-for-profit and social initiatives, it is always tricky to spread our message compared to for-profit initiatives. We are aware or we should become aware that branding and namely the video presence of our initiative is the second thing we have to build (after our website). Nowadays technology allows us to create video productions without expensive equipment. Smartphones, laptops, and other low-cost gadgets can offer high-quality video productions.

For this reason, Klick e.V. in collaboration with its partners is inviting you to Do_cument it Yourself project. It is a 2-phase project where you will have the chance to learn how to build a social promotional video of your organization and/or initiative with low-cost equipment as well as to learn and experiment together with 31 more people, how to use video by creating yourselves a video for a German-based non-profit initiative.

Available downloads: Do_cument it Yourself – Infopack.pdf