Open Call for Youth Exchange in Armenia and Germany

We are inviting young people to apply for amazing youth exchange in Armenia (October 2022) and Germany (February 2023). Youth exchange “Peace Camp” is created to enhance effective stress management and self-help techniques in young people, to help them break the hold stress has on their life, so they can be happier, healthier, more productive and peaceful.

Part 1 – 4-12 October 2022 / VAYK, ARMENIA
Part 2 – 20-28 February 2023 / KRANENBURG, GERMANY

Young people nowadays experience anxiety and stress in their daily life than in the past decades. Clinical depression hits only 6.8% of youngsters, but more than half of the young people reported living under high stress, causing persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities that they usually enjoy and an inability to carry out daily activities.

The goals for the course are:

  • to identify sources of stress in young people’s lives to help them get stress under control
  • to motivate young people to take part in future Erasmus+ activities as a way to gain new knowledge, experience, and skills
  • to provide some techniques, that will help the youngsters to stay in peace, such as meditation, yoga and mindfulness techniques
  • to establish a creative learning environment for mutual learning
  • to motivate young people to maintain balance with a healthy lifestyle, as healthy eating and regular exercising
  • to create a space where young people can share and experience their feelings instead of bottling them up, which will help them to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective

Profile of participants

The age of the participants is 18-26 years old.

The participant should be a resident in one of the partner countries, highly motivated and is willing to actively participate during the whole project in both parts.

Number of participants: 4

Language: English


Deadline for registration: 1st September 2022

Only selected participants will be informed about next steps and they will get further instructions.

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