Training Course: Social Inclusion of Young Refugees

27-30 September 2022 / Gdansk, Poland

Theme  “Refugees must feel like they are bound to the values of the community and that their place in that society is respected”. — UN Secretary-General António Guterres. 
Aim of the training 

The aim of the training is to gain competences and knowledge in the field of support and social integration of Ukrainian youth with refugee background. At the same time, the training is to increase the competences of experienced organisations in working with refugees, but also to motivate and inspire organisations which do not know this topic to start working in this area. 


Better understanding of the needs of Ukrainian youth with refugee background due to the reason they leave their home 

Learn about the challenges of social inclusion for those fleeing war 

Consider how NGOs and Institutions can support youth with refugee background in their communities 

Considering how youth with refugee background can get involved in the process of their own social inclusion 

The event is planned for 4 days including travel days, starting with the arrival of participants and dinner on September 27th, ending with lunch and departure of participants on September 30th, 2022. The event is planned in Gdansk, Poland. 

Participants’ profile 

We will accept a maximum of 25 participants working directly with young people in age 13-30 on a permanent basis. This includes youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, trainers, social workers, officials, local authorities, and policy makers. 

Age: 18+  

Able to work in (international) English. 

From ESC and Erasmus+ Youth Programme and partner countries 

Priority will be given to those, who already are working with Ukrainians with refugee background or have designed plan to do that in the close future, e.g., knows that will host volunteer from Ukraine, have recruited group of Ukrainians and will start the activities soon. However, the call is open for participants with little or no experience related to the topic as well. 

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance. 

Available downloads:

More information at: salto-youth.net